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Our Dragonfly Story



So many customers have asked us to share our story on our love for the Dragonfly and why it means so much to us and why we use it for our gift paper....For those who don't know our story, my sister had long thought about opening a gift shop in RI where she lived many years ago, however, life had taken a different path for her and in 2009 she lost her 8 year battle with ALS.

It was pure devastation for our family and it was at that moment we realized just how fragile life is. Me and my mom often threw out ideas of using our own creative talents to open a unique shop to allow us to work together as well as honor the memory of my sister and that is how we came to open Loft Fifty 5.

After we opened, we thought long and hard about how to include something about my sister and 3 months into setting up the shop, the answer appeared in our window. We found a HUGE Dragonfly sitting in the one window in the shop where the sun is the brightest and right then, we knew it was a sign of her watching over us and being there for us. My sister loved Dragonflies and often spoke about them. She was always described as a bright light with so much energy!

For the entire 2.5 years that we were in our Millyard space she sat in that same window! That is why we use Dragonfly Tissue Paper in our gift bags. It was our small way of spreading and sharing the same love, calm and joy the Dragonfly meant to us. As we reflect on our own families and people in our lives and those who have passed....just know they are all around us.....hang onto those moments when they present themselves....we know we have and it has given us so much comfort and strength.  When you have brave fly!

With the purchase of our Dragonfly Sun Catchers, we include the story and meaning behind this mysterious spirit animal so others can find that same joy.

We ladies here at the Loft (all 3 of us) are incredibly grateful and humbled by all the love and support we have gotten since we opened. We have been so fortunate and our hearts are full!!

Since we moved into our new location, we shook her out of the curtain and now she sits on a shelf in the shop and is still with us.


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